Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Net Probably To Catch The Males

It's one of our favorite things, to look back into our past and point and say what idiots we were. And predictions of the future from long ago are always so simultaneously hilarious in their wild fantasy and depressing in the realization of never achieving even the basest level of said fantasy (ie. flying cars promised in Back To The Future II).

Buuut, we're a well decade past these expected norms, and this 1939 video doesn't seem so crazy. Losing the sleeves, done. Do we have cantilever heels yet? I think we should. And I love the pro-Annie Hall prediction that skirts disappear entirely. Clothing that controls body temperature? For Christmas Laura got me some special white v-necks that keep my body cool or hot, depending on my overactive sudoriparous glands, and after only a few test runs, I'm happy to tell the makers of this video, it does indeed work. And as for the dude's getup, I'm all for it. Let's go.

Oooh. Swish.

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