Friday, January 10, 2014

Keepin' It Classy At Walmart And Taco Bell


On one of our not-so-often trips to Walmart, if only to just use a gift card we have. We splurged on household cleaners, toilet paper, and lightbulbs. If only we had a few dollars more this beauty would be mine. I've never seen the show, I don't think I will, but it's more for it's artistic value. Someone was really feeling this puppy.

Yuula had a make-up dance class with the older class tonight. Something about that class, that extra year or two in age, really makes her become a wild person. Miss Victoria said she didn't even know what Yuula sounded like til she started taking the Friday night classes. Go figure. She must've learned something in there tho because when she came out she asked for a taco sandwich, which is what we're calling those now bytheway. So to Taco Bell it was, where she took two bites of a taco sandwich and played in the jungle gym for two hours. It was the most relaxing thing that happened to us in a couple months.

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