Friday, September 28, 2007

How ya gonna tie!?!

Go Phillies

I'm sorry, I have watched every game the past few weeks and I am finding it really difficult to get behind this team. They verge on pathetic. Only three games left. At this point I'm more interested in seeing how much more they could blow this up in their own faces than I am interested in seeing them win. I can't take a whole playoff series of this kind of disappointment. I haven't followed baseball in forever, and maybe this is why. I would almost rather root for those crybaby Cubs.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up: Reunion/Wedding

The dust has settled. The smoke has cleared. The storm that is the family reunion has come and gone leaving very few casualties in it's path.

Let's start at the beginning. Get ready for lotsa photos.

Barb & Bill came down a whole week early. That was fantastic, especially since Fran & I had to cancel our last chance to hang out with them down in Georgia after I had a massive heart attack while eating a cashew covered tomato chased with a glass of chlorine. that was cool, yeah. Spent lots of time in the yard, trying to make all the flowers shine and sparkle.

We took a few America Gothic-style shots:
(020) american gothic

(043) american gothic

Dani & Vic showed up towards the end of the week, so we got to take a nice group shot one morning.
(010) group shot with auotharp

Barb decided she liked Vic's look.
(094) barb tries to be a biker

As did Francis. She even went for a ride one day and lost her favorite glasses
(036) vic & fran go for a ride

Then Saturday was Ted & Carol's wedding. It was at the gorgeous Sayen Garden, quite emotional and terrific food. It didn't take long for Ted's side of the family (us) to get enough liquor in them to turn the place into Solid Gold dancers meets Gidget reunion.

(click the photos for the full album)

Fran on a bridge

Ted's side

the ceremony

Sayen House

Group Shot

the bride & groom

Sorry it's so dark. Ambience ya know. And yes that is Ted Eutermarks dancing, doing the bump I believe.

Sunday was the reunion. I haven't seen some of these people in over a decade. Family, family friends, family enemies, estranged family, new family; you name it, we had it.

(click the photos for the full album)

Eric, Travis & Fran pigging out

Danielle Oyler & Dani

the Berkeleys

Tyler, Dani, Fran, Travis, Dane & Jarod

Travis & Baby Dane (Kiana on the swing)

the Krupps up from Georgia

Oh and more dancing...

So like I said, dust settled, smoke cleared, and no major injuries reported, all in all it was a success. We should do it again...

...maybe in another 10 years.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Freeform Jazz Improv

We have tons of stories from the past few days, but this just couldn't wait any longer...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Old Friends/Friends Of Old

It's early, 5:46. I can't sleep. Alot on my mind. Gotta go to Roxbury today. I'd rather be going with everyone else to the craft show in Lavallette. That was fun last year. Got an interview on Monday. Jonathan resigned from Cadets yesterday. That makes me sad. That makes me curious too. Let's see how it all plays out.

Barb & Bill got in last night. That's awesome. To celebrate we had salmon salad and Barb's cornbread, my favorite, and of course frozen alligators. They're getting better. Then we watched the Mets pummel the Astros 11-3 and looked thru our wedding albums. It was a nice night.

Just before all that Tom & Allison called me. They stopped by for a half hour or so, hung out in the living room, talked about old days, tried to catch up. It has been 6 or 7 years since we've all seen one another, and probably over a decade since we spent any quality time together. We used to be awesome. They both seem to be great; happy and busy. They both have so many friends to visit while they're in town. I can't relate. But it was all too quick, I didn't even have the presence of mind to take a picture of the reunion. Hopefully we'll find time to get together again before Tom flies back to Houston & Allison heads back to NYC on Sunday. Hopefully...

I did take these pictures yesterday tho:

Fancy, huh?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Curse! Blasphemy!! Sacrilege!!!

In NJ for two full weeks with nary a peep! We should be ashamed... ..

Jersey'll do that to ya tho. The first week flew by. I taught camp up at Roxbury (eternity) and then we helped Mom at her craft fair in Ocean Grove. This week we've been mostly job-hunting, which in and of itself sucks. Fun has been had however... the ocean...

...planting grass... hunting...

...pressure washing...

...and most importantly, we got our kitties back.

Seems like we've been eating a lot of donuts, ice cream and watching ALOT of Cesar Millan. I think Mom and Fran got a little crush on him. It's a pack leader thing.

I gotta admit, he's fairly handsome.

Ooh and we figured out how to make that frozen alligator...kinda...

P.S. look who already has Jersey hair

be back soon, promise