Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cannot Be Found In The Maze

song of the day

slightly Halloween-themed

Yuula The Giraffe Scores Big

Halloween 2013: Yuula the Giraffe

The suburbs behind Main Street continue to be the spookiest and creepiest  place to trick and treat

Yuula did not seem phased by the over-the-top decor found on Thomas Street

One wants to stop and eat candy, the other wants to keep on creepin' on

Yuula went head first into Halloween. She wanted no help, braved the darkened streets (and they were dark) and was not at all slowed despite the best efforts of the candy-givers to scare the bejesus out of little children. Good for her. 

And the power of candy.

Real Scary On Halloween... a pregnant lady at an Indian buffet

Everybody Make A Scene

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As If There Were No Barriers

song of the day

this is my horror movie soundtrack

Ready To Spook

 Is there a Halloween Eve? It used to be for causing mischief. Now it's for carving pumpkins and eating spaghetti. 

Yuula is now old enough to carve her own gourd

They never turn out how you hope

Ready to spook

Free Movie Day Or Arab Prison?

Strange day.

I was all set to clock out for a long weekend. Put in my due diligence, getting the Halloween playlist ready. Thinking about what movies I was going to watch on Friday, that had been burning up my DVR for weeks, nay, months, for my big day off of nothing. I was stoked, to say the least.

Then, disaster, from afar. Nothing of my doing, but my problem to fix (apparently). I'll be lucky if I'm not sitting here all thru the weekend now. And to top it all off, I was threatened with some foreign imprisonment. Just your ordinary run-o'-the-mill nonsense.

Up early and at it so I can enjoy some of the holiday we planned.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Savage Hymns

song of the day

weird huh


Obsolete Words, Volume 11

- raining heavily

Sunday, October 27, 2013

She>Sun, We=Fun

song of the day

these stone's throws

A Week Of Beers

I love the random sample feature at the package store at Mignosi's

These Are My Girls

Laura disappeared last night around 5pm and came home with a pound of wings (for herself), pizza, and ice cream. I don't mind. I like pizza and ice cream, but this boy is doing a number on her junkfood appetite.

This is Yuula's new version of ring toss. There's a whole build-up to get to this point and I gotta say, I don't quite understand the rules, but this means she won. Good Job?

Slow Going On The Home's Front

We're in the process of tearing apart the living room and building it back from scratch. Most of the same players are in the mix, but it's getting a much needed refreshing. We're finding all kinds of treasures that have become lost to the oblivion, so that's neat, but we're moving into day four of the remake and barely managed to complete the main framework of  the new setup, sooooo slow going.

The Dance Class Blues

Yuula had to dress up for dance class Saturday. Surprise Surprise, she wanted to be Minnie Mouse. Good thing we have 8 dresses.

I had my first taste of Mom&Pop-arazzi after they let loose the gallery on the unsuspecting children. I wasn't prepared to wrestle for the front row or was I willing to add to the "Look here!"s, so this is the best I got. 

And Yuula carries a blues harp in her dance bag

Friday, October 25, 2013

That Can't Be How You Run


Obsolete Words, Volume 10

-a wooden toy which, a 19th century political insult

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stuck Around For The Cold

song of the day

Best Coast is great fun, but this last ep is just wonderful, makes me 14

More Ghost With The Most

Beetlejuice sequel!

Only a rumor, but that's enough for me. 

Bring back the entire cast.

No Johnny Depp!

(Sorry Mom)

Old Fashion Funning

some more video from the Quiet Valley Harvest Festival

Can't wait til the Christmas Festival

Naked And Scared

This is a thing.

A real haunted house, that you go thru naked.

I'm in.

I tried to organize a group of the dance Moms from Yuula's school to go, but I guess they're not that comfortable with us yet.

Asking them to go probably didn't help that any.

Naked and Scared!

I Live With Creepers

I should've known...

 Things were getting weird

I'm being watched


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Villainy You Teach Me I Shall Execute

song of the day

killer playlist again, but I'm not surprised

And We're All Gonna Laugh At You

Carrie opened last week.

This is the best movie marketing campaign I've ever seen...

We're Damn Farmers

We felt like we were real farmers today...

cleaning the grapes from our vines

Gonna have some juice in a month

Then Yuula made a cake

I liked her hair

6 mos. pregnant chopping rhubarb with a butcher knife

The family pride

Fresh rhubarb, canned grape juice, apple butter, fresh broccoli and uncooked chicken

carving up our turnips

Some Good Ol' "Smack The Vac"

Stone Street's Classical Hipsters

Stone Street by French photographer Léo Caillard and art director Alexis Persani

Cookie Pusses

Time to make the cookies

Let's see how many make it to the oven

This is a hereditary trait

Baking Buddies