Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Or Less Memorial

Hopefully at some point this summer we have a weekend where we don't have to be outside at the crack of dawn and work thru sunset to get things straightened up in this here property. We made a little time to leisure on Memorial day and the cusp, but not enough. Soon.

I took a hammock nap with Alps. He hurt his leg.

Watching the sun set upside down is even better.

We headed to the Trunks for a barbecue and brought dessert.

Deer and baby.

The Trunks set up a pool on their deck. Yuula loved it. Isabella did not.

The girls had fun out of the water.

We played a headbanz game where Laura was a piece of pizza and a scissor and I was a sandwich and a pig. Rude.

Tomorrow is another potential day off, but the torrentials will begin around noon. Hopefully I can at least get some lawn work in. We did schedule some dirt delivery so... baby steps.

These Yuppies Networking

This is likke that dream where you're in the mall food court eating a falafel with hot sauce, a side order of baba ghannouj, and a seltzer and a rhino drops in on a parachute and saunters over to you and speaks to you in your mother's voice of the impending consequences of my geometric clothing choices. Just weird.

Now Radiohead has to cover My Name Is Jonas.

Taking His Talents

For the first time ever, we may actually try and catch most of the NBA finals. I, and more importantly, Laura, has really gotten into the last few games we watched and the storybook drama involved (2006 repeat, big 3 villains) makes it too good to be true. Laura has even been able to hear past the squeaky sneakers and enjoy watching the games. So, tonight is game one. The well documented season the Heat has had, vilified, sympathized, empathized, championed, heralded, etc. is all too polarizing. And the heartstrings being pulled for Dirk Nowitzki, his legacy, his last chance, really makes it tough to choose who to root for. I do hate Mark Cuban tho, so I wouldn't want to encourage his idiotic behavior or existence.

So how do I think it'll turn out...


Heat in 5.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Delivery Delays The Day

We had planned to work half the day and BBQ the rest, but the friends we invited over had to be selfish and cancel their plans last minute just because they had a baby. Some people.

Here's what we got done instead.


Congrats to the Hartsuikers.

The View And The Low Anthem

This is the view from the hammock. I'm there now. Back breaking day. Laid the deck, painted trim, sanded and installed windows,... is that it. It's a mess now. Like a proper mess. Everything half done. But its gonna rain soon, maybe, or it's a good enough excuse to stop for today. I can hear kids playing down the road, Yuula and her mom are upstairs taking a bath and I got the Low Anthem clarinet song playing. Pretty peaceful moment. I think I'll keep it.
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Day's Vagrancies

Like I said, red pine.

Early morning trip to the Depot, hopefully spending the last bundle of cash on this project, and planning on an early/busy day/weekend starting sunrise tomorrow.

Gassing the foliage

the interior of our van is exactly 12 feet.


Feeling cocky after saving 70 cents a gallon on gas.

We also have two barbecues planned. It is a holiday after all.

Bhang Bhang, I'm A Baby


Ooh girl, you're dark.

We Found Power Out There

The day is done. We are bedded with fans on and alarms set. Means we got early morning plans. Also means our power is back on. We spent the afternoon making up reasons to be out, like looking at projectors and baby needs a bathing suit. I say she was born in her bathing suit. But if Yuula was impressed by our one television at home, she was amazed by the TV wall at Best Buy. That's a lot of coyotes, she said, if she talked.
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Friday, May 27, 2011

No Better Thaime

Laura's furthering her stranglehold on the Eastern Pennsylvanian pad Thai market and I got my fish fried. Next up... dessert.
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Outage Creates Tender Moments

Well, we're still without power. At first I thought "how nice! I can read a book." I got depressed 10 pages into this Howard Zinn book so I laid down next to Yuula and, for the first time in a long time, took a cuddle nap. I miss them. They are now weekly requirements.

It's amazing how many switches I flipped so far today, by habit, before I'd remember, that don't work. We're going on hour 10.
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The Power Out In Neighbourhood #Me


I don't know if this worked because... my power's out.

Silence Is Powerless

For the second time in 9 hours the power's gone out. Kinda nice actually. I can hear the grass drying. Yuula is still sound asleep and Laura just got to work. This morning over tea biscuits we talked about finally getting some real life gardening going in this garden we've spent so much time on. Sunday and Monday are supposed to be lovely. Weather owes us a nice weekend. Don't do anything stupid now.

Power is really staying off this time. Man, I was just getting into the new Fleet Foxes album.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Those Nothings Are Everything


Tonight, we strategically placed the fans around our bed.


We watched the Oprah finale yesterday. It was the first episode I've ever seen.


Going East, Yuula likes compressed air. She prefers fresh air going West.


We just lost power.


What does it say about us if we don't enjoy the good dancers on this show as much as we enjoy the trainwrecks?


Lights will guide you home.


Yuula will kiss us and say yum, but not when we ask her to. She also took 2 steps, but only once.


Is Dubai safe?


How do you convert square feet into cubic yards? We are not equipped for this.


We gotta stop eating so many strawberries.


The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade