Thursday, July 31, 2008

Problem Solved

Late Night Home Improvement Explosion!

Sometimes we just get these intense urges to rip up some carpet or get on our hands and knees and yank out nails & staples or get in the attic and start tearing up floorboards and sometimes these urges come at two o'clock in the morning. Sometimes was last night.

We turned this back bedroom, that had previously been filled with garbage bags full of clothes, various junk items and a nasty blue stained carpet...

...into a lovely wooden floored echo chamber.

A vast improvement I know. Now we have another room to furnish. YEAH!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Abner

(04) Abner in the light

Abner is a troubled cat. His best friend died when he was very young, and his newer compatriots can only be categorized as bitches, so he's got a rough run of it. Not to mention we think he's gay so add sexual frustration to the mix, oh and it doesn't help that he's fixed anyhow. As you can see the boy's a mess. In the past few years he's lost alot of weight resulting in a flabby, hanging belly which wobbled when he ran & did not make him popular, and developed a bad habit of licking off all his hair, I think nerves, or he may be overly conscious of his appearance. All my gay friends also keep their hair very short.

But recently, in the past few months he has really put on some weight and I am glad to say has not a single bald patch on his body. Now maybe he's aware of the severity of the coming winter or he's lost a taste for his own body hair, but I think it's more simple than that. I think he's just happy. I think he's finally just decided to kick back and enjoy the fruits of being a big lazy cat. No worries. So in honor of my boy finally becoming semi-normal, I post on him. Of course I'll get attitude from the other two until they get their own write-up but I'll deal. For today, it's Happy Abner.


Trust me. He's happy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Furnishing Frenzy

We've hit a bit of an impediment on the homefront. We've got all this stuff, decorative in nature, and no place to put any of it. We've banished most of our old shelving units and bookcases to the shed for storage purposes which has left the house interior counter-less. So last Friday we decided we needed some new furnishings. We headed for town and hit the Big Lots, Home Depot & the Target (where we made out like bandits). Four carts and one broken register later we were headed home, the car literally stuffed to the roof with boxes. Sexy Bird* was weighed down.


I spent all weekend assembling these pieces so we can finally unpack our suitcases and get at our clothes and towels and et ceteras and maybe walk in the downstairs bedroom.




Kitchen/Dining Room

On the way home we found this on the road so we unloaded the car and went back and got it.

It doesn't have a home yet but we figured we'd go for a record of "Most Furniture Acquired In 1 Day". Is that in Guinness? It should be.

We also bought a new kitchen table and chairs but they won't be delivered til this Friday so... mark it on your calendars! Something to look forward to.

*see preceeding post for explanation

*Sexy Bird

Sexy Bird is the name we gave our car, previously just referred to as the Toyota, but we really prefer Sexy Bird.

We arrived at that name because there was a two or three month period back earlier this year, maybe leaking into late last year, doesn't matter really, where it seemed that birds of all shapes and sizes and breeds were for some reason attacking us in our car. After maybe the 5th or 6th incident we theorized that maybe they're not after us at all but instead going after the car itself. And maybe these attacks, flybys if you will, aren't malicious in nature at all but more crimes of passion and that our car must in some way resemble that of an incredibly sexy bird. So sexy that even turkey hawks cannot resist, because, well, they didn't. That was a scary one.

In the recent months the random bird attacks have slowed down, but we're new in town and our car is no floozy.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Vs. Marlins / Ibañez

After winning the series against the Cardinals, 3 homeruns & Santana's complete game the Mets should be on quite a high going into Dolphin Stadium for a three game series with the Marlins. The Marlins are in 3rd place but only two games behind, and with the Phillies playing the Nationals these are must win games if the Mets wanna stay in 1st. John Maine goes tonight. Ya never know what he's gonna do.

The end of this series brings the last chance to make a trade before the deadline and Mets have been showing some interest in a experienced outfielder. Although I have been quite enjoying the exploits of Fernando Tatis, the uncertainty of Ryan Church's return and the mysterious disappearance of Moises Alou has left me feeling a little uneasy. I think they're gonna need help if they plan on getting deep into October. The only name I've heard consistently is that of Raúl Ibañez from the Mariners. Don't know much about the guy but I will be checking out some Mariners highlights the next few nights to see what I can see. If not, there's always ManRam. :)

Traitor & Trader

Nothing like having a community that loved & adored you for over a decade realize you're really just a giant glory hound who doesn't know when to say when. In 6 short months Brett Favre went from national hero who everyone cried over his retirement to "We wish this guy would just go away!", nobody wants him. Why don't you grab your boots and head back south with the good ol' boys and go fishing or wear jeans or whatever it is you said you were so excited to do when you retired in February. Kinda pathetic dude. So now he wants a trade, to the Jets or the Buccaneers. Hey remember those last few years when Joe Namath played with the Rams? Yeah, me neither.

I love the idea of Manny Ramírez getting traded outta Boston. About time that team starts breaking up. I'm sick of looking at them. Nothing will probably happen this year. They only got like 4 more days. As long as he doesn't go to Atlanta, Philly or Florida, I'm cool. I could see him on the west coast somewhere. Maybe Seattle. Haha, as long as he keeps acting like a freak out there, I don't care what color he's wearing. Just stay outta the NL East. Unless it's with NY. No wait! No nevermind.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mixtape> 7.3 thru 7.25

I still can't figure out how to work the new art program (I haven't really tried) so you get this...

...a delicious Indian cuisine we cooked the other night!!!
  1. The Twilight Sad - And She Would Darken The Memory [alternate version]
  2. Beck - Walls
  3. Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks [live on Letterman]
  4. The Drift - Uncanny Valley
  5. Mates Of State - The Re-Arranger
  6. Ekkehard Ehlers - O Death
  7. Ratatat - Mirando
  8. Jefferson Airplane - She Has Funny Cars
  9. Wildbirds & Peacedrum - Chain Of Steel
  10. Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened
  11. Ponytail - Beg Waves
  12. The Anniversary - Til We Earned A Holiday
  13. Yo La Tengo - The Story Of Yo La Tengo
  14. Derek Meins - The Freud Song
  15. Mirah - Dreamboat
  16. Ben Folds - You To Thank
  17. Dirty Projectors - Hyperballad {Björk cover}
  18. Pomegranates - Honey Moon Pie
  19. The Week That Was - Scratch The Surface
  20. The Elected - Sun, Sun, Sun

Taste Impromptu

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Waited 3 Weeks For "2 Weeks"

In case you missed it...

which you probably did...

because I almost did...

and I knew it was gonna be there...

Alone In 1st

This afternoon saw the end of a rousing 3-game series between the 1st place tied Phillies & Mets. Mets lost on Tuesday putting Philadelphia in first, won last night to retie for the lead, and won today to go one game up. Mets have now won the last four series against the Phils, their main competition for the division championship. It was an interesting few games, Mets bullpen meltdown as the Phils score 6 in the 9th to win the first game, some nasty words on the field from Phillies pitcher Moyer directed at Delgado, and the Philadelphia station announcers actually called Jose Reyes "crap" as he rounded the bases after his game winning homerun in game 2. Should keep it interesting for the rest of the year.

So for the first time since April 19th the Mets are alone in first place. Let's see how long it lasts.

Monday, July 21, 2008

CBCCG '08 In Action

Earlier in the season I had taken close-ups of each member of the guard meaning to post them on here, just for kicks, but on my last day with corp in Louisiana I took some action candids during rehearsal and right now I'd rather post those. Maybe we'll get the headshots as a mini-homage at the end of the season. Maybe.

But for now, here's some Cadets in action. Exhilirating!!!