Sunday, October 31, 2010

At Least Someone Got Dressed Up

We made plans to meet up with the girls from Laura's Le Leche League (LLLL) for Halloween and try and take some holiday photos. It was brief but effective.
Laura & I showed up early and rode the roundabout with some neighborhood youths. I think they were trying to hurl us from it. I guess that's the point tho. It was a little creepy, but it is Halloween of course. Creepy!
I was flung.

The crew showed up and (for some reason) we chose a soccer goal for the background of the photo. I think it was my idea. I may have been kidding. Turned out cute tho.

Babies: Oscar, Yuula, Isabella & Nadia


Mothers: Annie, Laura, Dunja & Sandra
(not pictured, Travis & Jordan)

The Stroller Brigade

We tried to go over to Cafe Europa for some delicious honeycake, but it was closed. But back from the dead (appropriate) and a kitchen fire, Grandpa Pete's was open for business. Thank goodness. This time we went for the butter rum muffins. Holy crap they were good. I almost stole one. Scary!
When we left we ran into some of Stroudsburgs more colorful residents. Not the scariest zombies I've come across, but decent makeup. Spooky!
Then we headed home to prepare for some trick 'n' treaters of our own, of which we had four, and one twice. And we live in the perfect scary neighborhood!


Nope. Just Yuula again. Boo.
Nope. We were parked.

A Mouse In The House

Yuula became a mouse for Halloween. We had a nice block of cheddar cheese for her, but I ate it with some crackers.


This is where we realized she didn't want to be a mouse anymore.


This was her backup costume: Pepperoni Pizza.


It may be the only known documented instance in where a human was consumed by a piece of pizza.


Then we had a Halloween themed tutu number, which made Laura squeal with glee.


She could've just been Buddha.


My Kind Of Spooking

Off to treat?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here Be, I'd Rather Not

This place again!? I should start paying rent. I won't. Caravan should be here soon, then it's an avalanche. Wait and hurry up. Fine with me.

Laura took Yuula to the mall for some infant trick or treating. I didn't know I needed Halloween Eve off too or I'd be there. Yuula is a mouse. We had something different but the concept of baby size still escapes us. Maybe next year. She's wearing the rodent suit for her father tomorrow tho, treats or not.
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Should I Wake Them?


Friday, October 29, 2010

Where's The Blood And Guts?

Some kids are pretty disappointing when it comes to costuming up. Not that I've gotten suited up in years but, I did back then. Today we had a harlequin and two girls in 80's attire. You'd think by now they'd be dressing as the 90's. Guess the 90's were too lame. But that's it. Except for the girl who had a t-shirt that said "low budget ninja costume". To me that don't count. Is a ninja costume pricey?

Yuula came with me today. We had an overlap in time so she met the girls. Lots of awws and ohhs and Stephanie even held her. I don't know that I'd trust them all. I've seen their hand/eye first hand. But even Yuula had her little skeleton onesie on. Baby made effort.

Tomorrow's the big day. The end of a season. Beginning of life. Sounds dramatic but that's how it feels. No one seemed too interested today. Rough one to tell the truth. But in 24 hours... oh boy oh boy.
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Leg Out

She likes a cool leg...
1288355455275 her Daddy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Went With No Nose

Carving night. Rescheduled from Tuesday. I don't know what happened Tuesday. I think we went to bed early I dunno. Not the point...


The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was on. Good timing. We took our places on the floor, as is tradition. This is like our 4th or 5th pumpkin, so I think it can officially be called tradition.


Yuula did not seem disturbed by seeing her father wielding a sharp knife and gouging away at a defenseless gourd. That is until she saw what was inside.


I bet it tastes better than the jar of pumpkin baby food she's gonna be eating next year. Then, in a total surprise, Yuula decided that, like football, pumpkin carving was boring, so she went to sleep.


She kinda looks like a pumpkin huh?


Carving done. Kinda looks like a mix between Cookie Monster & Meatwad. We'll call him Cookiewad. Delicious.


Add him to the collection.


Where's All The White Cold?

Not that I'm in a hurry to break out snow shovel just yet, but where is the snow? Where is the cold for that matter? It's gonna be 70° today. I'm running the fireplace out of spite. Laura's nervous it means a bad winter. I think a bad winter will be a good thing. At least for us, now.

The temperature should be dropping soon and then we won't see our grass til spring. That's fine. It's just reminding me of how I should go mow it. I thought the snow would be here by now and I could pretend. Years past is no help.

(014) first snow
October 28th, 2008

(52) it's snowing
October 15th, 2009

2010 = nothing.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Violent Giants

I saw this this morning...

The Giants have put five quarterbacks out of the game this year. Not something to be too proud of, but they were all with unquestionably legal hits and superior defensive plays. Promising. This week's a bye so, quarterbacks are safe.

Week 1: Matt Moore, concussion

Week 4: Jay Cutler, concussion

Week 4: Todd Collins, undisclosed injury

Week 6: Shaun Hill, broken arm

Week 7: Tony Romo, broken collarbone

Insomnia Absolved

I can no sleep. Distracted. Sudoku is easier with one eye open. I can watch them sleep tho. And the rain and the wind. Soothing and intense. I could just go down and turn the kettle on. Call the night a loss. I think it's starting to die down. Let me try again.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Got Til It's Gone

Constantly bombarded with a next big gig, I'm ready to really be out. Even tho I've written some dandies on my own the past few weeks, the urge to give is gone. Bigger fish to fry is an understatement. Think whales.

The field is rainy and graveled. My shoes have holes and my shorts want to be slept in only. Tenths have no meaning. It's writing on glass. I'm probably wrong but that's not my problem.

I'm excited to see what is for dinner.
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For A Short Time


It won't be there tomorrow.

Father/Daughter Football

Yuula & I had a bonding moment last night while we sat together to watch Big Blue take on the Cowboys. It was to be a game for the ages... For the Giants anyhow. The Cowboys... not so much. And Yuula, she pretty much slept thru the whole thing, except when she woke up on cue during halftime and wanted to eat. That's my girl.

Trigger Shutter Photo Finger


A woman after my own heart.


In Almost Every Picture #7 is a biography of one woman's life from an unusual perspective, one which allows us to witness the times she lived in, as well as acting as a revealing look at the changing face of photography through the decades.


It tells the story of a Dutch woman whose life is seen from the point of view of a fairground shooting gallery.


The chronological series begins in 1936, when a 16-year-old girl from Tilburg in Holland picks up a gun and shoots at the target in a shooting gallery.



Every time she hits the target, it triggers the shutter of a camera and a portrait of the girl in firing pose is taken and given as a prize.



And so a lifelong love affair with the shooting gallery begins.



This series documents almost every year of the woman's life (there is a conspicuous pause from 1939 to 1945) up until present times.



At the age of 88 Ria van Dijk still makes her pilgrimage to the Shooting Gallery.