Friday, January 17, 2014

Difficult Preaching Is Posdnuos' Pleasure

 Mostly never intentional, but intensely necessary, we found ourselves out in the middle of town with two hungry girls and not many options on a Friday night that doesn't include crowd madness and the inevitable pregnant woman eating food of someone's plate while they run to the bathroom and our eventual removal from the premises and ending up in a crappy drive-thru.

To avoid that we went to a relative hotspot with minimal wait time, but I was concerned after a few minutes that Laura may try to eat one of those koi from the pond at the entrance. 

During our meal it occurred to Laura (I was entrenched in some delicious wontons) that this may be the last time we dine out as a threesome. She asked me if I was sad about that. The only thing that came to mind was that I won't feel the emotional affiliation with De La Soul's Three Is A Magic Number like I have the past 3 and a half years, but beyond that, no not really. She went on about all the things parents the second time around might have forgotten about, she forgot about burping, am I ready to change the diapers, Yuula wanted to know when she could teach him to swim. All I could keep thinking about was which one of them was Pasemaster Mase and which was Trugoy. Because I'm Posdnuos.

The conversation ended when we saw the freakshow of a fortune cookie Laura got handed, whether on purpose or not, she got doubled up, one for her and one for the baby. 

Yuula thought that was unfair.

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