Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Musical Superlatives

In a seemingly never-ending attempt to put off a best of the year list (as if it mattered in any way) I've assembled a little list of superlatives for you to enjoy or ignore or discuss or burn in effigy. I kind of just threw it together :)...

Favorite New Band 
(and by "New" I mean as in not there before)

Aloa Input
Few Bits

Favorite New Artist
(see above for "New" requirements)

Laura Mvula
Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
Andrew Wyatt

Best Album Opener

John Grant - Pale Green Ghost
Lee Ranaldo - Lecce, Leaving
Laura Mvula - Like The Morning Dew

Best Album Closer

Dr. Dog - Humble Passenger
Futurebirds - St. Summercamp
The Strokes - Call It Fate Call It Karma

Best Two-Sided Single

Absolutely Free - UFO / Glass Tassle

Best Compilation
Adult Swim Singles: 2013

Most Likely To Find Me Cuddled In Bed With

Denison Witmer - s/t
Dan Micahelson - Blindspot
Grouper - The Man Who Died In His Boat

Favorite Classical Album

Ludovido Einaudi - In A Time Lapse
Bryce Dessner & The Kronos Quartet - Aheym
John Zorn - The Mysteries

Best (Worst) Guilty Pleasure

Empire Of The Sun - Ice On The Dune
Mayer Hawthorne - Where Does This Door Go?

Most Likely To Make Me Dance While Doing The Dishes

Foals - My Number
Javelins - Airfield

Too Cool To Be Good Because Good Is Not Cool
Local Natives - Hummingbird

Best Song About Cross-Breeding

Best Intentionally Mispelled Bandname

Most Successful Random Collaboration

Best Abu Ghraib-Themed Instrumental Album

Best Song Hook

Major Lazer - Get Free
King Krule - Boarder Line
Julia Holter - Into The Green Wild  

Favorite Jazz Record

Dawn Of Midi - Dysnomia
Moon Hooch - s/t
Jonathan Finlayson - Moment & The Message
Mark De Clive-Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Take The Space Trane

Worst Band Name/Best Music
Jamaican Queens
Hungry Kids Of Hungary
Joanna Gruesome

Best B-Side

Unexpected Addiction Of The Year

Best Song About A Particular City

Hardest Album To Find In A Google Search
Peace - In Love

Best It-Doesn't-Matter-If-I-Can't-Understand-Them Album

(usually, in a year where Sigur Ros releases an album they win this category hands down, but this year the honor goes to a girl band from Kyoto) 

Most Likely To, Despite Many Valid Attempts, Never Learn All The Lyrics To

Lauryn Hill - Consumerism

Best "These Guys Are Still Around?" Album

Favorite Hip-Hop Record

Hawk House - A Little More Elbow Room
Danny Brown - Old
Milo - Things That Happen At Night

Best Use Of An Orchestra

Genre Of The Year

Best Record By The Mother Of A Legend

Best Artist Thought To Be Dead For The Past 30 Years

Favorite Album That It's Very Possible That I Was The Only Person To Listen To It

Sweet Baboo - Ships
The Everywheres - Slow Friends
Mao Tzu -  Smörgåsbord

Most Likely To Find Me In The Fetal Position With

Deafheaven - Sunbather
Grave Babies - Crusher
Miley Cyrus - Bangerz

Best Sorta Comeback/Amazing Promotion Gimmick
Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

Song Most Likely To Make Me Sing Falsetto

Best EPs
Courtney Barnett - How To Carve A Carrot Into A Rose
Cairo Gang - Tiny Rebels
Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - Elements Of Light

Best Use Of A Plus Sign Instead Of An Ampersand
Chris Garneau - Switzerland + Out

Cover Songs Of The Year
Scott Matthew - I Wanna Dance With Somebody {Whitney Houston Cover}
El Noordzo! - Where Is My Mind {Pixies Cover}
Lotte Kestner - Halo {Beyoncé Cover}
Colin Stetson -What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? {Washington Phillips cover}
DJ Koze - Homesick {Kings of Convenience Cover}

Best Album That I Didn't Even Listen To
Mount Eerie - Pre-Human Ideas
Hookworms - Pearl Mystic

Best Video

Thee Oh Sees - Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster

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