Saturday, January 11, 2014

Thanks For Breathing

We watched the finale to Weeds the other day and it was terrible.

It was rushed. New plotlines revealed themselves in the final hour of the show (Doug's son?). They made an incredibly lame attempt at depicting future life. They actors seemed like they were asked to re-shoot a couple scenes when they came in to pick up their last paycheck. And I lost interest in the whole Nancy/Andy thing before it even started. The Shane stroyline was lame and forced. Doug starting a cult was pathetic. And why the hell they centered the whole last two episodes around a character that is primarily an infant the whole show is beyond me. Is that the best reason to bring everyone together years in the future? 


I liked Andy's ending. I thought Silas marrying his long lost love was a nice touch. Everything else garbage.

The last scene I will admit saved it a little bit, but what else were they gonna do at the end. I feel like it's the obvious final scene so they don't get credit for that. Minimal credit if anything. Like, thanks for breathing credit. 

So I guess then it was kind of clever. 

Wait, was that the intent?



PS - Every version of Little Boxes (except maybe two) sucked that last season. Good riddance.

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