Saturday, January 25, 2014

Slush And Slurry

On any other occasion, we would stay and snug in our beds, take in a few movies, take a few naps, and eat junkfood. But not today. Yuula had dance class, and if she stands any chance of making lead swan, she can never ever miss one. So we suited up and braved the snow.

None of our roads were plowed. The main roads were not plowed. The dance studio heating system had gone out, but we (just happened to) have space heaters in our van. Kiss asses. 

Then, after, we had a brief stopover to wear the girls down at the combination Taco Bell/Survival Course. It works every time. And good thing, because it took us an hour to get home from there, when it normally takes about 15 minutes.

Slow and steady.

Slush and slurry.

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