Monday, January 6, 2014

Coercive Persuasion Is Affected By Lidocaine

I'm like Tom Hanks in Splash. Exactly.

Dentist for me today. Midwife for Laura. Getting those appointments aligned are trivial yet extremely satisfying highlights of our quaint little day-to-day existence. I went in for the first four fillings of an extensive list of work needs to be done over the course of how-ever-much-our-insurance-will-cover. After an apparent rave success on the top right the dentist asked if I wanted to keep going. I had nothing going on so I said go for it. They did nine fillings in my face. It was pretty fun actually. I got all numbed up and drooled all over the pretty lady. We laughed. It was all a good time in my mouth.

After that I had to smell Laura and Yuula eating dinner from Sonic while all I could do was struggle to sip root beer from a straw and dream of tater tots. Later on that night I killed a bowl of peppermint ice cream and leftover microwaved pasta, in that order, so I guess it worked out alright.

We cozied up for a little BCS title game, knowing that we had distant (as in distance) relatives who had skin in the game an knowing it would be good conversation pieces next time we see them, whenever that may be. Yuula watched, begrudgingly, but on her own chose the "red" team, which was good for family moral. Laura has a theory that whatever team I root for loses, which is usually correct, but she believes that somehow it is because of me rooting for that team that they find themselves on the wrong end of the victory parade, like I'm a curse or some sort of cosmic karmic nonsense that is forever orbiting her peabrain while such sporting events are broadcast into our living room. I guess when a basic understanding of the sport is lacking you start to make up your own epic narratives which for her includes her being married to a man who has mind control over the nations athletes and possibly a high-level conspiracy within the higher rankings of the NASO. Either way, we should just start putting money down on these things. But also, FSU won, so, theory disproved. Good game.

And it looks like Yuula is sleeping with us again tonight. I think it's to the point where she doesn't remember that she has her own room. Maybe she doesn't need it. Hmmm.

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