Monday, January 13, 2014

Dog Loves Lady, Girl Loves Elephant, I Love Drink

That dog just sits there until Laura gets home. Girls.

Now Yuula is the one with the hacking cough. Could be from her mother or from all the disgusting fast food jungle gyms she played in this weekend. There aren't many winter time choices for us mountain folk come snowy days. But her mother bought her a humidifier after her midwives appointment today. Hopefully the last of many.

She named her humidifier Ellie Van. I didn't know appliances had names. We better get on that before she names my lawnmower Sally Cakes or something. It'll stick. But she was so excited about this damn elephant squirting smoke in her face that she asked to go to bed, skipped the bedtime story and barely said goodnight.

Guess we know where we stand nowadays. That's fine. We got another one coming that will need the shit out of us. You can have your plastic pachyderm steamer.

Just as well. I got eggnog to finish again and it does not taste as good in January as it does in December for some reason. Every year with this stuff!

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