Saturday, January 11, 2014

Opposites Attract A Mess

That's a lot of purple.

So Laura took Yuula to her Saturday morning dance class and came home with another kid. They took right to trashing Yuula's room because, well, two can do the job better than one. They proved that.

But these girls could not be more different. Yuula plays games of pretend and uses objects for purposes they weren't intended for and Isabella tells on her. Yuula found a cracker on the dollhouse and ate it and Isabella told on her. Yuula tried to apply nail polish without parental supervision and Isabella tells on her. Isabella got tired five minutes into the post-dinner viewing of The Little Mermaid and needed to be put to bed immediately. Yuula took it thru the finale and was ready for more after the credits. But they are friends. I get it.

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