Monday, January 20, 2014

Front Room Reconnoiter'd

See that? That is the face of contentment. If you had looked at this face before the weekend it would not have looked like that. It was more contorted, stretched and angled, anxiety and panic with a hint of dread. But then we gutted the front room, guest room, storage room, junk room, call it what you will, scrubbed it floor to ceiling and put it back together and now it has a proper title; Baby Boys' Room. 

This shelf just 48 hours ago held old Hardy Boys books, boxes of old photos and negatives, guitar pedals and cords, an actual camcorder, a fake skull from my teens, about three hundred 4-track cassette tapes and a squirrel statue meant for the garden. Now it looks like this.

And I don't think we could have gotten it done with much less time to spare.

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