Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Cleaning Warm

So we've been hit. Not as bad as most I think, but enough to make us glad to not have to leave the house. Then we realized we needed to leave the house. Chicken and fruit, that sort of need, since Laura was just moving onto her five-meals-a-day phase, Lord help us if we ain't got meat on hand. 

And since we tidied up the boy's room, we felt Yuula's quarters could use a little freshening up as well. Much more open, better floorplan, plus we wrestled that dollhouse up the stairs and now, she's obsessed. Laura said she set the table in the kitchen and then just stared at it. Good for her. Now do it for real. 

I hope she goes to bed tonight.

Then Yuula got some swaddling lessons. She's already better at it than I am. Oh well. Just one more thing I can delegate.

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