Thursday, January 16, 2014

Readying A Room And A Song

I thought this nonsense was over. Now I hear it's just getting started.

Good day to do the whole make-a-mess-to-clean-up routine, focused on the boy's room because, ya know, he's gonna need it pretty soon. It's been a dread issue the past few weeks, tackling that disaster area of a front bedroom, that's been used basically as a storage unit for chachkis and guitars and photos and amplifiers and oversize toys and seasonal clothes and important documents and massive trunk full of blankets. Now all that stuff has to find a new home, because this space is now taken. I'm afraid to dig too deep. Certain dark corners have not been seen since we moved in. 

But also, Yuula got what I would consider to be her first guitar lesson, which consisted of pretty much how to hold it without dropping it and how not to fall down herself while it's in her lap. Fairly successful and I think she is well on her way to starting a band. Give her 15 years then watch out Montreal.

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