Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Go To Your Rooms, If You Can Find Them

Believe it or not this is still a better start than we had for 2013...

This here is a miserable women in her final months, weeks, days of housing another living person inside her until he is cooked and ready to grace us with his presence and enter into this world, and I think if he throws much more at her he's gonna look at entering this world into some vengeful arms looking for payback, and yes she is capable of punishing a newborn. Laura's got the flu. And the bedroom has transformed into an infirmary of sorts. But that's okay because the living room still doubles as Yuula's toy storage, the dining room is a mudroom, and the kitchen closely resembles a landfill. The whole house has identity issues.

The bathroom is still the bathroom tho.

But it was a good excuse to convince Yuula to sleep in her own bed tonight. Even tho she has no concept of the spreading of germs, or that I lied and Mommy doesn't really have the plague, she agreed, but not without voicing her deep disappointment in my decision to *gasp* make the child sleep in her own room. She let me know that there will be a discussion in the morning and I am in for it.

So that has been our day. The most exciting thing to happen to me is that I had a conference call discussing regional and industrial complexities behind marketing a wide distribution of cutting edge engineering machinery. Woo! Yuula's highlight came when I allowed her to eat a lemon candy after dinner. I think Laura's just came as she stopped coughing long enough to fall asleep. I better stop typing.....

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