Friday, January 3, 2014

Staring At Three Separate Screens

We should be ashamed of ourselves. The three of us spent the entire day in the same room, within feet, and stared at three separate screens. Mine faced east, Laura's southwest, and Yuula's shifted as the child rolls. Apparently more quality family time was not one of our resolutions.

In everyone's defense Yuula had a fever of 102, Laura was squeezing in a rom/com before work, and I had some business to attend to before hopefully having the weekend off. But even as the fever broke and Laura's store closed, we still stared straight ahead. I guess this is one of those super lazy days. And that's fine. I kind of expected them to be coming, but just not quite yet. Laura still has to go in tomorrow and I have a good bit of house rebuilding that needs to be done til we can really earn that big loafing experience. 

I was the lone soul to leave the bedroom today, as it was my duty to refill the expired medications that litter our cabinets. I hoped that by the time I returned from the pharmacy that more medications would not have expired.

The roads were barren, save a handful of plows not plowing and a fistful of cars that had become entrenched in snowbanks and deserted for the greater good. I drove in the single digits, temp and mph, but made it home safe and sound.

Sick and snow days, every man for himself. Maybe that's why my lunch was crackers and cheese and my dinner was lettuce. Being the only well person in the homestead, I am treating today like a true Friday and tying up any loose ends so I lose ends this weekend.

And probably eat more lettuce.

But for now Yuula's fever has spiked again, but she's in good spirits. I think as long as she has her pink unicorn the child is content. But that unicorn takes up a lot of room, and Laura is watching Home Alone 2, for some unknown reason. 

Looks like I'm sleeping on the couch.

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