Saturday, December 26, 2009

Never Wore Shoes In 30 Years


Christmas morning. Is there anything more peaceful and serene? I woke up at 3am just to ensure that I took in as much of that unflappable calm as humanly possible. Once I was full I went upstairs to rustle the little woman out of bed. Surprisingly she was up and ready to go and I actually had to ask for a little 30 minute Christmas morning nap while the cats were the ones who became restless.


We headed downstairs around 8 am and made some waffles. We're in search of something that can eventually become our traditional Christmas breakfast. This may or may not be it.


We had hid catnip in the little stockings so that was an early morning freakout we weren't ready for. That stuff is like kitty crack.


We hit the presents hard after that, tearing into paper, ripping open packages, insisting explanations as to why certain items were bought. Amongst the havoc there were things we both expected to receive and surprises unleashed. I think we did really well this year and both came away pleased with the entire morning.


This was the first time in my 31 years of life that I have had to put shoes on and go somewhere on Christmas Day. I guess I've been spoiled, but this year we were invited to celebrate with the rest of our family at Tyler & Melissa's new house. I hope they were ready for us.


There was tons of food, of which I ate too much, but isn't that what the holidays are for?


We all sat around eating and reminiscing about Christmas' past and present, and just generally spending some quality time with family and Tyler's new mastiff puppy named Bronx, the largest & softest puppy ever.


It wasn't long before we were all spread across the couch and sleeping, also a tradition for us on Christmas.

After the secret Santa grab bag (in which I got a secret recipe book and waffle mix) Laura & I got going and came home with plans of finishing off this Christmas in style watching Holiday Inn (that we tried to watch the previous night but fell asleep before we could even hear Bing croon) and drink eggnog til it came out our pores. We made it thru more of the movie this time, I think Laura watched the whole thing, but I was out again. I think Laura may have carried me upstairs to bed because that's where I woke up this morning, slightly hungover and realizing that I couldn't possibly be further from doing it all again. Ahhh Christmas, you cruel mistress of yule.

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