Wednesday, December 30, 2009

35 Hours To Go

The year's ending, and I think everyone knows it. I had some plans to get things done, cross a few things off the new year's to-do list, but I'm guessing it'll all have to wait. I'll just ride the year out, the whole day and a half that's left of it, spend some quality time with my playlist of this years best music and try to assemble them in some kind of order, which will be a joke, but it must be done.


Laura gets home around 6 and I'm guessing tonight will consist of some Wii, a nice salad and maybe room cleaning, but probably cozying up on the couch and taking in as much Office & Sunny In Philadelphia as humanly possible.


Got Dad & Mom & Tyler & Melissa coming over New Year's Day, just gonna sit around and eat and watch football. That's how we do. The menu is coming along, but we'll probably be having to run out last minute for sour cream or something dumb. That also means they'll be bringing over their dogs, which means the cats hide in our bedroom. All of them. They each have their own hiding spot.


Mom & Dad are staying over Friday night and we're gonna do who-knows-what on Saturday, although the weather channel says we'll be snowed in and frozen. Maybe we'll just watch TV all day and I can have my father show me how to fix the washing machine & the fuse box. Maybe we'll teach them how to play Shut the Box. Bring your singles. Maybe we'll play Call of Duty. That'd be pretty awesome, a little modern warfare with Moms & Pops. I guess we should figure out how to play it first. Maybe tonight.


Oh! And her cough was all but extinct last night, so somebody finally got a goodnight's sleep. Good thing. Good things.


Expect some posts concerning all things "best of the year". And expect to learn something.

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