Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Rooted In Myths And Fruit

the scene on Christmas morning

Lookie here, a sparkly one (still not sure how this happens)

Yuula dug right in to some stockings

things were weird early on

but Judee got a nice little surprise

licorice was a bigger hit than expected, considering we always have a bag or two lying around the house

Yuula actually got excited about clothes for once

and her new camera will be a relief for everyone

yeah, more strange fruits

I think Laura was surprised by her bedside crib and more so by my initiative

the ribbon dancer wins biggest bang for least buck

she asked for mermaids, we doubled down

and tho the unicorn was smaller in scale than the one she asked, it hasn't left her side since Christmas morning

and this guy, who she immediately named Clover, will enjoy this winter indoors and this winter alone

showing Grandpa a thing or two about modern technology

Laura was weary and claimed the couch for the better part of the afternoon

cookies made themselves available

who doesn't love a good vat of pasta

cousins closing out the gifting ceremonies

plaid was a requirement

once the center piece of their packages, bows were tossed aside and summarily squished

she could live up there

drinking and cards of course

Yuula took her mother's place at the table

and so goes another Christmas, getting better by the year

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