Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dresses Down, Flowers Found

Another day off where it's just gonna rain all day. On good advice we came to take care of a few indoor errands that needed to be run on the weekend, but why not beat the crowds and save a Saturday. Indeed. Main goal: Girls need dresses. This is an intense and potentially drawn out situation. We better get going. Of course by the time we arrived at our only decent shopping mall everyone was hungry for lunch.


I no longer will eat anything but the tilapia trio.


Yuula found other uses for the menu.


Distractions continued when Laura spotted the Verizon store and remembered how much she wants/needs/covets a new phone. I kept Yuula distracted with my accessories.


Onto baby shops where finding a dress proved to be far more daunting than expected, but the girls were up for the challenge.

After relative success and failure in the Lehigh Valley we headed back up north to see above some flowerage. A quick rest stop at Unclaimed Freight to try out some couches gave us pause, but the rookie at DD gave us two coffees sans sugar so that got our goats. A switch to the sleepytime playlist gave Yuula a quick nap while coasted up to the Pocono Commons.

Then it was on.


She's a good helper.


Came home with a good mix of lovely petals and pearls. Plus Yuula got her dress(es) and in the 11th hour Laura found her outfit(s). But don't worry about me. I bought a new pair of shades.


I call them shades.


Then we danced.

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