Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Only Win In The East

It's always certain to be a good game when the Giants play the Cowboys. Maybe it's the forced notion of fandom or the misguided insinuation of "America's team" but there's no one I think Giants fans enjoy beating more than Jerry Jones and his cohorts. And the sad thing is I kind of like some of the Cowboys. Romo and crew are sympathetic figures somehow, but I still snickered and screamed at each of the 4 interceptions and other turnovers that occurred yesterday. 

Of course the final quarter or so of the game left a bad taste in my mouth as far as having any confidence in my team. It has long been the word out on the Giants that they can get a little stagnant when they don't feel challenged (see losses to Seattle and twice to Washington last year). But despite a last minute drive and some poorly chosen epithets shouted at the screen in those final seconds, NY prevails, Jerry Jones sucks, and all is right with the world.

Giants went 6-2 with that win. Eagles, Redskins, and Dallas all lost and only have 3 wins so far.

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